Veronica Mars Season 4 Final Review: Happiness will never pass?

Veronica Mars Season 4
If you haven’t seen Veronica Mars’ 4th season ending, please don’t read this. serious. Living in oblivion, knowing our favorite detective and her mental illness – a fool turns into a soul mate somewhere along the Pacific Coast Highway, happily cruising like a man and a wife.

But if you’ve seen Episode 8 of the Hulu Revival, please join me in mourning Logan Echolls, who encountered violence and a sudden ending in the season’s ending.

Continue to read the highlights of “The Years, the Mainland, the Bloodshed.”

nailed it! At the most important moment, Veronica and Keith agreed to represent the University of Pennsylvania. But this is a very important job – many people know the nails in the shrapnel that were dug from the pizza delivery man’s back after the Sea Sprite explosion. Keith tried to beg, but Veronica told her father to take it out.

At the same time, although Logan shared the news with a group of people, Veronica did not tell anyone about her engagement. But she insisted that she was completely on board and added that she was happy to marry him at the county secretarial office the next day. This soon became a plan.

VAYA CON DIOS, BIG DICK | At Big Dick’s home, Matty was busy sneaking, copying his hard drive and planting bugs. However, when he came home, she was hidden. Big Dick said that Clyde said there was an intruder; the bald ex-con sitting outside the car didn’t help. So the angry big Dick grabbed his gun and faced Alonzo (!), he was swimming in the pool. Alonzo and Casablanca against the killings of Gabriel; it turns out that Clyde secretly recorded their conversation, in which Dick had the opportunity to participate in the Hailing event and hand it over to El Despiadado. The conversation lasted long enough for Dodie to sneak out from behind and pierce him with a decorative sword. (By the way, Matty is watching all of this, which will allow some therapists to continue to operate for a while in the future.) She also witnessed the Mexican killer Dagger Big Dick, and then she turned and left quietly.

After Keith and Veronica learned that Dick’s father had died, they visited Pi Sig’s house and relied on sensitive bands. As a result, he believes that on that day, his two committed brothers killed another committed brother in the tent, so he would not say anything about the pizza guy. As the story happened, the group got a pizza. When it was delivered to the beach, the deliveryman messed up the order, then repeatedly buckled him in the ocean and took it out to give him crazy. But then they lost him in the waves and thought he had drowned. To make matters worse, the guy in this band can’t make a positive ID – it was three years ago that he was druuuuunk.

Things got a bit complicated here, so let’s make a short list: In the end, Veronica began to believe that the slam dunk delivery man was not dead. His name was Don. He was a serial killer obsessed guy. He failed him from Hearst. Senior. Oh, he happens to be the murderer played by the Duke of Clark. The police quickly boarded the ship and attacked his apartment; he was not there, but some of the materials used to make the bomb. Penn thinks he might be in an abandoned power plant where pizza guys are used to smoking, so he leads Veronica and Keith there… and that’s where they found Don shooting from the head, apparently through a piece of paper left behind. Suicide and possess a bomb close to his body.

But Marty has been doing some small work for the Mars survey, and he found evidence that Don may not be the pizza shop that was sent to the beach that night. She called Keith to tell him that he soon pulled a gun on Penn and asked for the location of the bomb – by the way, it would be completed in 14 minutes. Payne denied that he was a bomber, but Veronica quickly got an instinct that the device would explode at the dedication ceremony at Kane High School… Marty and Wallace were there.

The crisis has passed! | So, they accelerated to school, and Jack Kane was there to talk to those who gathered for dedication. Veronica ran up and dropped the microphone from him (haha!) and announced that there was a bomb. Of course, everyone will panic and run. Then V asked Penn to resolve the device, but he thought he didn’t build it and didn’t know how. Time was running out, so Keith volunteered to stay with the pizza shop until he avoided and turned it off.

Veronica strongly objected, so Keith revealed that he thought he had chronic traumatic encephalopathy – hence memory loss, etc. – and was blown up in a mess “not seems to be the worst way.” Veronica was injured, but she eventually let her and Marty While waiting with the crowd, her father stayed there.

Penn eventually admitted that he knew the location of the bomb, so after 15 seconds, Keith lifted it. Veronica sighed with relief. If you want to know, I am also very close. The police detained Pennsylvania: although the big Dick was behind the Poseidon