This is the reaction of Amala Paul’s boyfriend to Aadai’s nude

This is the reaction of Amala Paul’s boyfriend to Aadai’s nude.

Amara Paul appeared in the news for various reasons last week. One of the reasons is that her ex-husband AL Vijay married her doctor and the other is her latest movie Aadai. Last week, when Vijay remarried, the fans waited for their ex-wife Amala’s reaction to the incident, and when she responded, they were pleasantly surprised. The actress was quoted as a Tamil portal. “Victor is a very cute person. A great person. I wholeheartedly wish him a happy marriage and hope that the couple have many babies. Fans even went on and praised her for not hanging up.
This is the reaction of Amala Paul
At the same time, the bigger news is her film Aadai, a dark comedy that has some naps on the first day of the release. Due to problems between the manufacturer and the dealer, the morning show was cancelled. But then this problem was solved. To make matters worse, the film and Amara also encountered legal problems. A female politician named Chennai filed a lawsuit against the two, saying that the nakedness in the film would encourage the culture of rape in the country.

Although the movie trailers and trailers really shocked the audience, the conspiracy factors were so high that fans wanted to keep watching Amara. At the same time, in an interview with Hindus, the actress was asked about her boyfriend’s reaction to the nude in the film. She said again, “I heard him share it with him. The first thing he told me was that if I wanted to make a movie, I needed to really work for myself. He told me that I had to Physically and mentally 100%. “It seems that this man is super-supportive and even makes her realize that she needs to improve her performance and her appearance to shoot the film and maintain the industry.

In sharing the details of her performance invitation and working with her new partner, Amara told him, “Absolutely. Because I became that person, now I see the way I work… I owe him I am a rebel without reason, love has healed me. True love has healed me.” She added that her dream man made many sacrifices to support Amala’s career. She said: “I used to think that only the mother can provide unconditional love and make sacrifices. But this person proves that he can also do it. He must sacrifice his work, and he will be with me in his career. I…he knows my passion, he appreciates it. He stands by my side and he tells me my shortcomings.”

Referring to the positive criticism of her partner, Amara revealed an incident. She said, “He looked at my early movies and told me that I was a very shy actor… (laughs)… He told me that he was surprised that I am still here. The industry survived, although I did not take care of me, it was not the case. He opened the third eye for me.”

Now that’s great, right? We are willing to provide any help to such a supportive partner. We hope that Amala will quickly reveal who she is the perfect partner. If you haven’t seen Aadai’s trailer, here is: