Pakistani Actor Mohammad Ali’s art lamp will burn!

Muhammad Ali, who was called Kausari, called the world “Bhai”, sometimes even older people used to call them a brother, he had gone many years from the world. Today, he is his brother. On this occasion, honorable actor Moin Akhtar has a memorandum written by the non-published autobiography.
Pakistani Actor Mohammad Ali

“It’s a matter of 1964, I made his film

“Keep silent” and I became mad and I did it once again. Although I was not related to the world of Shubes, I was studying, and I was looking for employment as a big home. What did I know that the destiny would bring me to the shower and then came to Shubes in 1967. In 1968, the actor of Nagar Eurehde, Ibrahim Nafis Sahib told me to perform, I was glad, but was also afraid, because the first The time was agreed to go to a show, where most famous actors of Pakistan were participating, the courage and courage to perform in front of them. Was the work of Ibrahim Nafis Sahib was encouraging me while saying that. Today you have to prove that you are a good artist, performing a lot of gym. I was more afraid of listening to them. Well, along with a gentle brother, Ravali reached the cinema, there was a lot of rage outside the cinema, the police were showing more than the people they were. The award-winning part was to do a good-hosted brother and the name of the Navy Show’s Shiv Shakti Dara. The first awards were given, I remembered what was going to be out of the hall. The music began when the series of chains ended. The self-sufficient brother said to me, I have come to the point of view. I told Shaitan Darah.

After this point, you have an entry Wish you all the best, by saying this, the good brother went to the hall. Shafqat Darara announced my name, people in some halls were aware of me, so that there were plenty of locks and I started listening my items; I told the noise of the owners and the plate that I was beaten, while sleeping It happened that I imitated Muhammad Ali Sahib, he hit so much that Mohammad Ali Sahib stood up with his seat and started playing locks. They will never forget this favor. If they had sex in the day, maybe I would not have got so much opportunity to come to this bright dreams. It was beneficial for the standing of Muhammad Ali that the whole hall stood and for a long time the locks kept ringing, at that time I hearted my Lord in heart that he opened the door of my provision, blessed me every morning. had lived . Everyone stuck on my back. I did not understand what to say. At the same time, Mohammad Ali came out of the hall, his eyes were on, and immediately came to me and embraced me with great love and a beautiful, beautiful moon, a wonderful artist. I was not happy to be happy. This was the first meeting with my “brother”, the impressions of this meeting are so strong in mind that it seems like tomorrow. After a long time, I met him at the awards show in Lahore, one very much loved and sincere and invited to come home. He went home at the second day. He was decorated home with a great deal, when the house was decorated, during his bedroom decorations, there was a lot of decorations, a bed was shipped abroad. I wish to see, Ali Brother told the physician to show the bedroom.

When the bed was seen, the garden became a garden, Latetta, a king’s dream, I said !! Hearing the dyeing table came out from the outside, which you and Bhabhi went to Karachi to take. So they also showed that dining table, I sat on a long time with brother, I did not want to go back to request permission, but because of their involvement, I want permission. Once the “Primetime Times” “I was going to the airport to take them to the airport, we were talking to the hotel, saying, I have a knife, I’m joking, but that’s true.” Saying, I asked !!! How did you know, the doctor started asking me to get ultrasound, if I looked at the same neck, I said, I said your machine is bad. Then the second machine was ultra-sounded, even a single neck appeared in it, and it came to know that my only neck is laughing. Brother was a very big man, owned by attractive personality. If his movies were reviewed, then how would we play role, whatever role he played, would have been part of it, if those bandits in “Fire Kardiya” It seems that maybe they work. “Man and Man” was their role. Who can play the role of an arrogant Nawabzada in “Kanishi”. Brother probably used to work in similar films. New stories were going to be over the new subject. Brother was very intelligent man, when a girl or a woman met brother in a ceremony, I have seen with my eyes that she used to have great love with great kindness as an elder, people used to grow too much. And brother was aware of this, many diseases attacked them together, but brother kept fighting them all, never complained to anyone, sometimes nothing carnets do. There is no mention of the film industry’s everlasting zones. The chapters used to do chaos, when doctors advised them bypass, it was decided that they would be operated in the US.

My friend Zafar Naqvi, a boutique in a US state of America, came to know that my brother was going to be treated, Zafar said he would try to stay in my house. Someone else’s house was not ready to stay in the house. They did the same, estimate their personality that they never used to pay for any charity show outside of the country or in the country, nor were compensation, but the ticket hotel costs used to bear everything. The phone of Zafar Naqvi came again that my father-in-law has brought brother-in-law and brother-in-law to him, brother has passed by, but there was a problem, which later brother had suffered so much trouble, left behind in the US for some time. Pakistan arrived, a few days later Zafar reported on the phone that it was the case! Brother left the world! I started crying, I know death is right. Allah Almighty, give us patience and patience to our sister, sister, Samina, elder brother Arshad Ali, Razi Baaji and give him the hope to bear this trauma, Amin. “

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