Mental backwardness information 2019

Many untouchable people and especially children are mentally impressed by mental backwardness. Such children or people need guidance on step-by-step. The number of people in Pakistan is in millions and they are increasingly increasing. The mentally backward children do not leave the school and madrassa to other children according to their mental level, while teaching them teachers leave patience and patience, and target them more psychological than physical. Due to the teacher’s attitude and his mental attitude, he escapes from school or madrassa. Actually their mind works cheaply, they tend to speak, speak, or understand anything. This slow attitude of mind is called Mental Retardation. For its information, the month of March has been specified throughout the world. The purpose of awareness is to save and work for the welfare of mental backward people.
Mental backwardness information 2019

Mental disability is usually prevalent before 18 months, during this period many problems are difficult to learn and understand. Any child or person suffering from this age of suffering is very much behind mental illnesses, and its iQ level or mental quality is very low. The major reason for this is that the nervous cells worsen, while the system of genes in the system can also cause this problem. They also call syndrome and download syndrome.


This disease comes in tiger or very young age.

* According to total estimation, one or three percent of people suffer from this disease.

This mental disability is now known as Intellectual Disablity.

* This disability is diagnosed with two standard IQ tests.

There are no special options available for the treatment.


It can definitely be said in some of its reasons, but mental injury, no injuries and infections can be caused by this. The inherent mental backward disorder comes in front of it, by the parent parents it can get backwardness. Even if children do not have infected diet, there may be more concerns about being mentally intriguing. At any time of birth, any injury may affect the brain. People with radiation-affected people can also be mentally involved in backwardness.
Common symptoms

* Reduction of insurance

* Do not finish reading the demand for writing

* An attitude of children or more anger,

* Be a mood, hurt yourself or make a change in the mode

* Do not have the ability to learn. Such children learn to speak slowly and walk.

Primary and early diagnosis is required for the purpose. These people behave freely because of mental backwardness. Such people are arranged at their mental level. Mental deficiency or mental backwardness can also cause other disabilities.

Physical therapy is essential for any type of disability to follow physician therapy. In addition to physiotherapy, apart from therapeutic speech therapy, Occupational Therapy Therapy is also done.


The United States’s Mental Health Organization has first started celebrating mental backgrounds in 1949. Every year, this institution releases a mental health-related content tool, which is directed towards mental flaws of mental backward people. Every year his theme ‘is’, as it was Fitness Fitness 4Mind4Body last year. People’s attention under this theme was emphasized on how they can fit physically and mentally for their future.

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