Mars got broken

According to NASA experts, they have disconnected the upper limestone roseye, which lastly contacted the Earth in the spring season and since 10 June, he was silent.

The Space Space Organization has launched numerous vacancies for NASA space and new changes in planet Earth and so far, to get information. On July 8, 2003, NASA’s specialists collaborated with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, along with the Marc Exploration Rover ( A plan called Mars exploration rover).
Mars got broken

The project was started in July 2003 from cape canaveral, under which a mission was vacated in January 2004. The twin robots were prepared for this project .A name of the robot robot (spriti) and the second concession .The project cost $ 400 million for Zucky. These two robots used to be solar powered by solar power. In 2011, a robot called the robot was trapped in Mars, due to which It was disconnected from the critics. Last year, NASA experts discussed the situation of Upper Chitti Rover in a conference and reported that their contact has now been disconnected. According to the occasion, Rowor was last time in the spring of Spring What was the contact and he was silent since the last 10 years .When the tourist heavens ceased to stop his charge from solar energy, his power was broken in the month of Bethatu .Then NASA experts approached him Tried but quietly every time. According to the report, almost 8 months after the dust collapsed he was silent. And this week the storm came on that week, its fifteenth birthday was celebrated on the red planet .Unfortunately, after many attempts, the experts of Vanessa have said goodbye to this mission.

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