Khaas Episode 21 Drama Review September 2019

Khaas Episode 21 Drama Review September 2019, Pakistani Hum Tv drama Khaas Episode 21
Ammar decided to divorce Saba, not only that, but he also decided to marry Salma as soon as possible. After the divorce, they showed how difficult it was for Saba to face everything, and Ammar not only had to move on but how easy it was to get married. A whole episode is dedicated to different treatments from Saba and Ammar. Saba, despite becoming a victim in this situation, was forced to explain herself again and again. Although Saba continued to explain and prove that she was justified, everything she said was not taken seriously by her parents because they had made up their mind that Saba was at fault and that Saba was responsible for the divorce instead of Amar. Khaas in this episode shows that even if she is not at fault, divorced girls are usually faced with shocks. Saba tried everything to save her marriage, but she still did not fulfill her responsibilities.

Khaas Episode 21 Drama Review September 2019

Ammar is easy to accept, no one says a word. In fact, it perfectly shows that Ammar not only got all the love and support, but his request was also helped by everyone around him. Although Ammar is very manipulative, he likes to always have a clean list in front of others, but even if he is not such a connivance, he will not hesitate to walk away, because in such a situation, men will hardly be blamed. Ammar ensures that there are no loose targets left to let anyone grab something. That’s why everyone still thinks that Ammar is a loyal husband because Saba is not only ungrateful but also deceives her husband!

Javeria and Fakhir are worried about Saba. It’s great to see that Javeria and Fakhir, despite being Ammar’s friends, are not only different from him, but also really care about Saba. Javeria didn’t rush to help Saba at first, but was happy to see it on her heart because she could feel Saba being placed in an awkward position due to Javeria’s silence. Even though Javeria will testify to support Saba, I hardly suspect that her parents will believe this, especially after seeing Fakhir accompany Javeria to their position. Saba really thinks she is alone, but she does not know that there are still some people who care about her and her happiness.

The memorable scene is very good, Ammar is happy to get married, and Saba is still thinking about what she said to her when her marriage began. Saba has become the culprit in front of her parents, and unfortunately she has been repeatedly reminded. I actually had a better expectation for Faraz. He happened to be such a husband who understood and loved, but his attitude towards Saba was disgusting after everything she had experienced.

Ok, Ammar is married to Salma, who has set everything up from the start. Ammar and Salma shared every detail, how unhappy he was about Saba, and her dissatisfaction with her love and friendship. Salma got the wrong idea that she was helpful by marrying Ammar. Salma thought she had no comparison with Saba, but she felt that there was nothing wrong with it because it was Amar who fed it to her. Salma is not wrong, just her appearance, she is an only child, spoiled and wealthy, and she knows that she always has the back of her parents, so she does not believe in any pressure. Amar actually thinks in his mind that Salma will fear him and regard him as the savior who married her after her divorce, but it is obvious that Salma let Amar know that she is not because of Ammar. Do something on the moon and her. For Salma, she just married her favorite man, and she believes she should thank her for accepting his proposal, which Ammar has been expecting from Saba. It’s interesting to see how Ammar can’t speak one by one because he just doesn’t know how to deal with Salma. Ammar is beginning to feel suffocated and he wants things to stay steady, and Ammar is slowly realizing that Salma will not allow him to be so extravagant!

Salma left a deep impression on Ammar’s family and they had nothing to say. Soon,

they will also realize that Ammar made the wrong decision and they will eventually compare Salma and Saba. In this whole situation, I don’t blame Salma. She is a tough and rigorous person, but she is like this – self-centered and selfish with no apologies. It will be interesting to see how she will treat Ammar and how he will feel the suffocation he brings to Saba.