Gardening at home Get a long and healthy life

Gardening is a healthy and constructive activity. Studies have been shown that regular and significant improvements in health, psychology, social relations, and overall life of people who regularly participate in gardening and similar activities are seen. Apart from this, specialists believe that gardening from 30 to 45 minutes three to five times a week, a good strategy to reduce weight is proven.

Horticulture reduces the risk of heart disease and hemorporosus (reinforcement of bones) is also horticultural. Planting seeds and planting leads to bone and muscles work well. Along with this, your body’s vitamin D needs to be met, as gardening is an outdoor activity, which is served in sunshine and open air.

Stress or mental stress decreases through gardening. Mental pressure is mainly due to the removal of a particular type of hormone cartridge. Research has proven that hormones in the horticulture are lesser than those who do not live.

The benefit of gardening is not only the gardener. Vegetables produced by greenery and greenery are all people living in and around the house. How good it is for human health to be in green and green, a new research has provided more evidence, in which scientists have revealed that where more plants and plants are green, they usually find long lifespanes living there. Are there

This review was taken to understand the impact of the environment on human health, which has shown that compared to those living in lesser green areas, significantly lower mortality rate in those living near the natural environment. Was it

These revelations have appeared in this review report by Harvard TNH School of Public Health and Burdham and Woman Hospital in Boston. The report showed that compared to those living in low vegetation and tree areas, people living in environmentally friendly areas had a low percentage of 12% less, after which researchers wrote that with the result of reduction in rate mortality We can say that plants and greenlands can be very important for our health in many ways.
Gardening at home Get a long and healthy life

Peter James is a co-author of this research and he belongs to Harvard THH School of Public Health. “We were surprised to witness strong ties between the growth of greenery and low mortality,” he says. We have got the biggest differences in kidney disease, respiratory disease and cancer rates. ”

Additionally, researchers have also tried in the review to know how an environment with plants, bushes and vegetables can reduce death rate.

According to research writer Peter James, they have had an important and positive effect on mental health.

After reviewing the research well, experts say there are several factors that can play a vital role in the relationship between green and mortality reduction. An important component of these may also have better mental health and social engagement. Similarly, physical activity increases and low air pollution also leaves its effect on human health, temperament and age.

Another interesting aspect of the report is that researchers say that women living in vegetables and plants are deprived by 30% of depression levels. Plants and trees also provide health benefits to our communities as well.

To prepare and evaluate this review report, researchers were determined to provide vegetable and green surface in the range of 250 to 1250 meters from the homes of homes.

Harary and vegetable kidneys, respiratory and cancerous diseases are also useful. The report shows that in patients living in green and green areas, compared to those living in low-temperature environment, mortality rate of 41 percent was lower due to kidney disease, in addition to respiratory disease. Death rate was 34% and 13% low mortality for cancer.

Regarding this report, vegetables and vegetables were kept as main research, however, in many other factors such as the social and economic status of the participants, the life of people including age, gender, nationality, race and smoking. It has been taken into consideration, after which researchers and even more are confident that the risk of mortality in people is more important than the other factors in the green.

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