Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Opening Interlude LIVE Update

Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Opening Interlude LIVE Update

The popular Tollywood couples Varun Sandesh and Vithika Sheru are the 14th and 15th players of the season.
Bigg Boss Telugu 3 Opening Interlude LIVE Update
This day is the day that all of us have been waiting for. The third season of Bigg Boss Telugu will begin today with the grand fashion of a new host, Akkineni Nagarjuna. Bigg Boss Telugu 3 will have 15 entrants who will lock in the title for more than 100 days. The grand opening ceremony will be performed by the contestants, and one of the possible lists has been rounded in the past few days. Before we look at it, let’s review the first two episodes of the reality show that has performed well in Telugu so far.

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Host Nagarjuna signed at night and said he would lock the house to complete his mission!

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Ok! Bigg Boss Telugu 3 is now ready, and now 15 players will participate, and the play will last for 100 days. Host Nagarjuna will follow the contestant through his Mana TV to see how he will carry out his business will be fun.

The fourteenth and fifteenth players are… surprises!

Tollywood couples Varun Sandesh and Vithika Sheru are the last two players of Bigg Boss Telugu this season. The couple performed a romantic performance on the stage by Korun Bangaru Lokam in Varun. Quite romantic admission! Host Nagarjuna asked the couple about their love story and revealed how their love story started. Keep an eye out for this couple in Bigg Boss Telugu 3. This is the first time in three seasons that a couple entered the Bigg Boss house. There is too much time in this conversation. Host Nagarjuna sent the couple Vithika and Varun to the house. Thirteen players have welcomed the last two games of the season this year, and now the HOUSE is full!

Top TV presenter and actress Sreemukhi is the 13th player of Bigg Boss this year. As we predicted, Sreemukhi is part of Bigg Boss Telugu 3. Sreemukhi offers dance performances and makes a shiny entrance to the show. Host Nagarjuna gave her a warm hug and welcomed Sreemukhi to the show. Nag asked Sreemukhi why she chose Bigg Boss during her busy career, and the popular anchor said she liked the concept of the show. Nagarjuna sent her to the house and Sreemukhi met twelve entrants already in the house!

The popular comedian and short film Mahesh Vitta is the twelfth house of the season. Play the AV to give a background about him. Moderator Nagarjuna welcomed him to present and conduct a short conversation. Mahesh is from the Rayalseema area of ​​Andhra Pradesh, and Nagarjuna tells him that he likes the culture there. The two had a brief and funny conversation.