Akshay Kumar and Rohit Shetty have a tussle over throwing Katrina Kaif in Sooryavanshi

Rohit Shetty’s up and coming cop film, Sooryavanshi has been standing out as truly newsworthy since the time it has been incepted. Post the uncover of Akshay Kumar as the fundamental lead of the film, fans have been biting the dust to know the female lead inverse him. In the midst of this, reports were coming that Katrina is being considered inverse Akshay in Sooryavnshi. In any case, presently, Pinkvilla has solely discovered that Katrina Kaif undoubtedly will be thrown inverse Akshay Kumar in Sooryavanshi in spite of Rohit Shetty needing some different performing artist.

Truly, according to what we have solely realized, Akshay was persistent in having Katrina as the female lead inverse him in the film while Rohit needed another person. Pinkvilla has discovered that Akshay Kumar was quick to cast Katrina in Sooryavanshi. Truth be told, Rohit Shetty needed to cast another person yet Akshay was inflexible on her and thus, Rohit Shetty needed to give in. In this way, Akshay and Rohit may have had somewhat of a tussle with respect to giving Katrina a role as the primary lead inverse Akshay.

Discussing Akshay Kumar’s Sooryavanshi, the performing artist will be seen assuming the job of the ATS Chief in the film which will be a piece of Rohit Shetty’s cop universe. Toward the finish of Simmba, Akshay had a visitor appearance which gotten a great deal of acclaim and whistles. As of late, the blurbs of the film were likewise uncovered via web-based networking media in which Akshay can be viewed as a challenging and fearless cop who is good to go to fight detestable. According to the shoot, Akshay will before long start the shooting for Sooryavanshi and the film will discharge on EID 2020.

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