Solution the Swelling of hand foot

Our hands and foot are important parts of the body’s movement, so it is important to take care of their health and energy. Physicians and medical experts call for several preliminary signs such as swelling and vomiting in the hands of the feet and say precautions. However, as soon as possible, consult your physician as it is because the immune system of each individual in this universe is different. Some women and gentlemen are strong and intelligent, and others are more nervous, for whom the physician’s diagnosis becomes necessary.
Solution the Swelling of hand foot
Suggested fingers are the first sign of disturbance in ‘thyroid glands’. In this case, such hormones are less, it is very important for genetic digestive digestive digestive system to prevent the ” metabolic system ”. The complaint of thyroid can cause many other diseases, so please refer to the doctor for a Medication and Diet Plan.

Heads of Head

Hedgehog is a sign of liver disease. If you do not work hard, even if the heals remain red, refer to the physician immediately. When the liver does not remove the poisonous poisonous body, the blood cells in the hands and feet rotate rapidly, causing red marks and spots to begin on the hollow. Oxygen or allergic often cause redemption to be red, which is cautioned.

Fingers length

According to the latest research, knees or osteoarthritis are found in these women and gentlemen, whose fingers have a third finger long. These symptoms are found in women. Apart from this, women’s testimony of fingers are long, inhibit cancer, whereas such men are more likely to have prostate cancer.

Yellow nails

The nails of the nails are one of the signs of anemia. Most of this disease is due to lack of iron, which keeps nails constant. Secondly, bleeding in the body and the body may also lack deficiency. If there is a decrease in the fossil, it can become a condition of heart disease. Therefore, it is necessary to diagnose the diagnosis and diet planning.

Blue gray loan

If the fingers’ lumps are blue or hear, it may be indicated by Raynaud’s disease. In this case, bleeding of the veins of blood is fingered or fingered on handling the sandwich. This disease is found in ovarian, but it is not even dangerous that the birds fly. Gloves can be used as safety.

Swelling on the head

Swelling or vomiting is mostly symptoms of lungs and lungs on fingers. It gets the lentils or the ends of the toes, whereas the nails are shaped like a spoon. It is also a sign of breath and pneumonia, so do not show negligence to approach the doctor.

Swelling and early symptoms of foot

The feet handle the entire body building. You can not be unhappy with their health and cleanliness. If blood circulation does not occur in the legs, swelling in the foot, it becomes a complaint of pain. Horse chestnut is the same as Aksir. According to experts, health, “there are chemicals available in this fruit, which reduce swelling in the body”. The heart does not fit the blood properly and it becomes sauna and ankle. This complaint also comes from walking or standing for a long time.

Injury and motivation

The pains and injuries of the feet can be susceptible to swelling, which is the common reason to turn off the deformation. This reduces the bones of the bones in excess of control veins. When you are getting motivated, do not move the feet more slowly, wrap it with a warm stripe and keep it tight. People who suffer from depression or nervous problem are risky of infection or infection due to infections, they need to be very careful.

Heart, liver and kidney problems

There are symptoms of many diseases in different times of foot and skin. In the evening, the right side of the swollen heart may be a sign of work or a kidney disease. If the kidneys are not functioning properly, spraying material and water in the body starts to accumulate. In addition, it also indicates the liver-borne proteins that are prevented from leaving the tubes, and preventing other cells from entering cells, so please seek tests, heart, liver and well-being.

Use the salt carefully

Use of salt (sodium) with water or material will be collected and complete body swelling. Idol is used to 1500 mg sodium daily, according to the American Heart Association and it can be taken up to 2300mg. Stay away from market breaks and fast food, they have a high amount of sodium.

Control obesity

Women and gentlemen are obese and a big reason for swelling. Fat stomach begins to accumulate in the stomach, which reduces the legs by moving the blood pressure down.

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