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Planet Earth Mars Discover the Water System

Astronomy about planet Mars says it looks like a dried desert of red soil, but when the planet was teenage, the water was on its own. There is plenty of water and water available under its surface, some of which are also present today. According to Dr. Francisco Sesis, a European Space Agency (ASA) expert, had the water on the first Mars, but gradually he absorbed internally And became a major pool of submerged water. The oceans have traced water to Mars. For this reason, first the data of the deadly plants was collected, the first dense massacre created by the NASAP Space Agency, the camera of the Express Express Craft And reviewed high-resolution camera photos installed on NASA Arcter.
Planet Earth Mars Discover the Water System

Apart from this, the floor inside the Mars-level, also showed that some of them have been found in the form of drought and water which flow into water due to the flow of water. The comparisons of the Marriott Khodakhal are comparable to the river routes and the marine places What does it mean? It is estimated that the water system was available three years back and the lake was also available. This discovery also shows that perhaps there was a life on Mars, even though it was in a case of an accident. The fact is that experts have discovered some of the minerals of minerals.

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